Responsible innovation framework

Innovation is not always for the best and sometimes changes which seem positive at the time turn out to have hidden or unexpected consequences.  Richard Owen and colleagues have been looking at this challenge and have developed a framework for thinking about ‘responsible innovation’.  You can find a link to the (open access) core article

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Sustainability-led innovation toolkit

This toolkit contains various tools which can help deal with the challenges of innovation management for sustainability Click on the link for more details on a particular tool Value stream analysis Value analysis Scenarios    

Media transcripts

We’ve begun to add transcripts of many of the media resources on the Portal.  There are also several new activities to support introductory sessions on the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Michael Pitts interview

Michael Pitts is Sustainability Manager with the UK Technology Strategy Board (now called InnovateUK).  In this interview he talks about some of the challenges around sustainability and innovation.   A transcript of the interview is available here You can find out more about the organization here:    

Green buildings

green building ATKINS_Case_Study2 (1)  This is a case study describing the approach taken by the engineering consultancy Atkins to the design of green buildings.

Green supply chains

Green-Innovation-Management  This is a case study of green supply chain management in the automobile industry.


Natura case.  This is a case of a Brazilian company which has grown significantly on the back of providing sustainable cosmetics products and related services.

Philips Systems building towards sustainability

This case provides more details of the Systems Building stage of Philips journey towards sustainability. Philips Systems Building For more on the overview of the journey click here And for more on the content of the journey, click here

Philips Operational Optimization for Sustainability

This case provides more details of how Philips began its journey towards sustainability through a series of innovations around the theme of operational optimization. Philips Operational Optimization An overview of the journey can be found on the Portal here and details of the content of the Philips journey can be found here