Tired of working with course materials and books that don’t
meet your specific course requirements?
Why not create the perfect textbook for you?


Custom printing is a cost efficient alternative that gives you the freedom to create textbooks (print or ebooks) containing the content you want, in the order you want and how you want. Benefits to you:

  • Use and buy only the content you need
  • Create your ideal book for your course

Create your perfect course text in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Search and Select the Content: Search Wiley’s extensive collection of titles and select as many as you like*, at chapter level, including your own materials. Arrange in the order you want.
Step 2: Customise and Personalize: Choose your preferred cover and format (e.g. mono/full colour, print, eBook). Give your book a title/subtitle and add your name, institution and logo.

Step 3: Preview and submit: Preview your book online, find out how much it will cost and submit your order.

*There are limits to this.