Chapter 08: Self Test

Innovation always happens as a result of knowledge creation which then finds its way into practical applications.


Which of the following is NOT a type of innovation network?


Entrepreneurs club


Communities of practice


Railway timetabling meetings

   New product or process development consortium

Which of the following is NOT a key challenge in managing networks?

   how to manage something we don’t own or control
   how to build trust and shared risk taking without tying the process up in contractual red tape

how to manage the travel budget for different members of the network

   how to see system level effects not narrow self-interests

Open innovation is:


a novel golf competition


an approach to innovation management which stresses the importance of connections inside and especially outside the organization


an approach to managing R&D in which security classifications between areas are suspended


a competition to find the best ideas in an organization

Which of the following is NOT a core process to be managed in effective innovation networking?

   Decision-making – how (where, when, who) decisions get taken at the network level
   Conflict resolution – how conflicts are resolved effectively

Level and frequency of subscription payments

   Risk/benefit sharing – how the risks and rewards are allocated across members of the network

Rothwell's 'fifth generation' model is:


a retirement plan for 70 year olds


a national competition to find the best innovation in Europe


an approach to thinking about innovation which stresses its highly networked nature


an advanced mobile communications system

Firms join innovation networks because 'the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts'.


Succesful innovation usually comes from single organizations because they control all the resources needed to make it happen?


Innovation networks cannot be set up in the same sector because firms within the sector are competing against each other.


Succesful innovation networks require advanced IT systems to make them work.


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