Chapter 01: Self Test

Coming up with a new version of a popular chocolate bar is an example of radical innovation.


Which of the following are associated with successful innovating organizations? (Several choices may be correct.)

   Effective enabling mechanisms for the core innovation process

   Strategic direction and commitment for innovation

   Rich networks and pro-active building of external links
   Large size
   High market share

Innovation can only happen in the research laboratories of large firms.


Introducing a new model TV set would be an example of radical innovation.


Innovation always depends on setting up a 'skunk works' to get things done.


Which of the following would be typical examples of 'market pull' innovations? (Several choices may be correct.)

   Improved safety features in a car - airbags
   Nanotechnology-based paints
   Improved designs for ballpoint pens
   AZT treatment for HIV/AIDS
   DVD recorders
   The hovercraft

The use of nanotechnology to create self-cleaning windows is an example of product innovation.


Which of the following is not a trigger for innovation?


Changing government regulation on pollution control from in factories


Observation of leaky oil from underneath a machine tool


Experimental research work on new drug active agents


Dividends paid to shareholders during the past two years

Which of these is NOT an example of process innovation?


Total quality management


On-line retailing


Improved surgical techniques


Tooth-whitening chewing gum

Which of the following is NOT an example of public sector innovation?


On-line bookselling - etc


Imporved patient care through community involvement


Zero tolerance policing in New York City


On-line payment of car tax in the UK

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