New cases added

Some new cases about start-up entrepreneurs   Brighton Beard Company Espresso Mushroom Company Aquapax Greats Sneakers

New cases added

You can find a new case study of a small start-up – the Brighton Beard Company – here.

New cases added – Local Motors, Yellowberry

We’ve added two new cases:   Local Motors, describing a user community co-creating cars, vehicles and other solutions Yellowberry, a start-up in the field of teenage clothing which highlights the importance of user needs

New case added – Better Place

This case highlights some of the challenges in introducing radical system level change in the field of sustainability-led innovation and particularly illustrates the difficulties in securing widespread adoption and diffusion.  

New cases added

Just added a new case on the imaging industry and updated the cases of the music and lighting industries You can find them here: Imaging industry Lighting industry Music industry  

Media transcripts

We’ve begun to add transcripts of many of the media resources on the Portal.  There are also several new activities to support introductory sessions on the theme of innovation and entrepreneurship.