Moving innovation to scale….

We spend a lot of time worrying about the ‘front end’ of innovation – how to create new business models around products and services.  But what happens when the project succeeds, and the new product or service is launched?  If a new idea is to have impact (commercially or socially) then it needs to move

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Sweeping the floor with innovation

Innovation often makes us think about dramatic shiny new products emergng from high tech sectors. But we shouldn’t forget that even the most mundane context can provide the trigger for change – and that change can have sigificant impact in our lives. As this tale of the humble vacuum cleaner explains….

HIgh involvement innovation

            Right now we need all the creativity we can get. The good news is that organizations have huge innovation potential already available inside – the key is to create the conditions under which employees can contribute to the innovation story.

Experience innovation

Competing in services requires innovation – but simply improving the ways we create and deliver our offering may not be enough.  This post explores the theme of ‘experience innovation’ where competitive edge comes from staging memorable experiences……