Activity: Pattern recognition

Activity: Pattern recognition   Choose a problem to work on or select one from the list below.   How to reduce waiting time in a busy coffee shop?   How to persuade people in a busy office to recycle more?   How to improve the flow of people round a busy museum/art gallery and avoid

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Joseph’s   You aren’t going to find any technicolor dreamcoats just yet but for shoes, jewellery, accessories, even a DIY crocheted beanie hat, you might want to add Joseph’s to your shopping list. For the past year a new shop just off the main pedestrian precinct in Nuremberg has been offering a glimpse into the

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Activity – Improving a service process

    Think about a service process which you have been involved in recently – a visit to the bank, shopping, waiting in a restaurant, booking tickets online, etc. Now try using some of the tools below – or others you can think of – to explore ways in which this process could be improved.

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Mind-mapping is a powerful tool to help explore problems and assist search for patterns and connections. You can find a brief explanation here   And more details here.