7 Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Responsible innovation framework

This framework has been developed by Richard Owen and colleagues and is designed to enable discussion and exploration around the key theme of responsible innovation.


Natura case.  This is a case of a Brazilian company which has grown significantly on the back of providing sustainable cosmetics products and related services.

Bubble charts

Bubble charts offer a useful tool to help with innovation selection.  You can find a description of the tool and an activity based on this here Bubble charts activity  

QFD at Lexus

This activity involves using QFD – quality function deployment – to explore innovation in the luxury car maker, Lexus. Lexus QFD Case For more information on QFD see the Innovation Toolkit.

Gunfire at Sea

This is a famous case study which highlights the challenges of introducing radical ideas into established organizations. Click to view: http://cs.gmu.edu/cne/pjd/TT/Sims/Sims.pdf http://www.pdfone.com/download/3_the-innovator-s-way-essential-practices-of-successful-innovation/gunfire-at-sea-a-case-study-of-innovation.html

Radical Innovation – making the right bets

This report looks at approaches adopted by European organizations to deal with the challenge of selection under conditions of high uncertainty Click to view case study: 9835 AIM Radical Innovation You can also download this report – and many others on the innovation theme – from the AIM website AIM website and search through their

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