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Aravind Eye Clinics

This case describes a major social innovation in the field of healthcare.  Click here to view Aravind Eye Clinics There is also video material describing Aravind at these links. Aravind 1 Aravind 2 and a piece focusing on Dr Venkataswamy, the founding entrepreneur. And this TED talk explores the wider implications of this approach  


This case explores how Adidas, the sports goods manufacturer, has been working with open and user led innovation approaches to revise the ‘front end’ of its innovation processes and move along the emerging trajectory of ‘mass customization’ Click here to view Adidas

Freeplay Energy

Freeplay Radio  This is a case study of a social enterprise originally aiming to provide radios to improve education and communication amongst disadvantaged populations.  It has subsequently grown into a major provider of a wide range of support and has renamed itself Lifeline Energy – follow this link for the case. See their website for more

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