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Working at the innovation frontier….

Innovation matters – but so too does the way in which we approach organizing and managing it.  For some kinds of innovation we can use structured and repeatable processes – but for others we need to work in much more flexible fashion…..

Values based business modelling

This is a toolkit developed by Henning Breuer and Florian Lüdeker-Freund designed to help explore and develop values-based innovation businesses.   Henning 2017_Toolkit_Download_Instructions It links to their book on the topic which you can find details of here.

Fringesport case study

A Case Study on FringeSport CrossFit is a fitness program that focuses on ‘constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement’. Considered a sport as much as an exercise regime, much like Pilates or Zumba, it has developed a passionate online following. Characterised by regular ‘workout of the day’ or WOD videos, and alongside the increasing popularisation of

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Free innovation

We’re just beginning to appreciate the potential of ‘free innovation’ where users create innovations to help them meet their own needs, and then freely share them…….  See this blog post for more on this topic

Knowledge as a social process

Innovation is all about converting knowledge to value – so it’s worth looking again at how knowledge operates as a social process and managing with this in mind….

Our growing video library

A reminder that we have a wide range of video material to support lecturers and students in the innovation and entrepreneurship area.  In particular check out Joe’s channel on YouTube