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Moving house…..

We’re trying to migrate the best of the content from the Portal to a new home where we hope we can improve the navigation and update more easily.  You can still find us here but if you;d like to try out the new place, please follow this link….

‘The best thing since sliced bread…’

People often use this phrase when talking about an innovation and the impact they hope it will have.  But what’s the story behind sliced bread – and does it have any useful lessons for innovation managers today?

New approaches to teaching and coaching innovation

The TACIT programme (Teaching and Coaching Innovation in Innovative Fashion) is an EU Erasmus Plus Knowledge Alliance project which explored a number of different and novel approaches to help learning about innovation management.  Partners included Lego, BMW, Lufthansa, Aachen Munchner Insurance, Nokia, Torbay Hospital Trust and the universities of Exeter, Southern Denmark and HHL Leipzig.

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Cultures of innovation…

If we’re serious about wanting a culture of innovation its probably useful to start by exploring what that might involve….