Welcome to the Innovation Portal!

We have developed this resource for those like us who are involved in the teaching, learning or practice of managing innovation, and more specifically to support our books –  Strategic Innovation Management (1st edition, 2014), Managing Innovation (6th edition, 2018) and  Innovation & Entrepreneurship (3rd edition, 2015).  

The function and contents of the Portal are continually being updated but already it has the following open resources:

  • 80 Case studies, searchable by chapter, theme and tags
  • 75 Media clips, video and audio
  • 80 innovation Tools, searchable by task, theme or alphabetically
  • 70 Activities for individuals and groups to help explore aspects of innovation management

In addition there are support resources for instructors including:

  • Questions and assignments plus a Test Bank of 200+ Q&A
  • Instructor resources, including suggested course outlines, content and PowerPoint packs.

One way to begin to explore these rich resources is to click “Books” in the top banner, online resources and then the “by type” button on the left, or try the Toolkit tab or new Search function. You can also search by theme or tags by clicking the buttons on the left.

If you have resources which you would be prepared to share please contact us.

We look forward to building this shared open resource with you.

Joe Tidd & John Bessant
April 2016